Connecting the Local Music INDUSTRY and Supporting COMMUNITY

Connecting Clients to Industry

Bay Area Music Collective (BAMC) serves as a central resource; connecting music professionals, businesses, and the community at-large. BAMC has a proprietary network that touches across all facets of the music industry – artists, recording studios, local businesses, music technology companies, video companies, and fan-bases.  We utilize this one-of-a-kind network to fuel our acclaimed community music referral program; matching potential clients in need of music industry services to the perfect business, artist or studio, ensuring fit across styles, needs, budget, and overall quality of work.

At the end of the day, we are passionate artists; working tirelessly to advocate for music rights, sharing resources, and promoting open lines of communication to ensure that our music career and industry has a thriving future.


Supporting Community

Bay Area Music Collective is the central resource that brings together the Bay Area’s music industry influencers to work together on local issues and create more opportunities for revenue and sustainability. Through building the local music community and industry, BAMC will ensure musicians, industry professionals and music projects can continue to call The Bay Area “Home”.

Part of our mission is to create collaboration and we do this by leveraging our extensive network to bring national, international and local artists into a local studio to record a song with a local engineer while capturing the process on video. Then, we enlist another studio and/or engineer to mix the song therefore creating a collaboration that would have otherwise not taken place.  Fans are able to see the story behind the bands, peak into their creative process and see what our local music professionals have to offer.  We create this content for online distribution through the artist’s national/international channels and the channels of all parties involved locally. This collaboration between studios, engineers, producers and artists creates a sense of community and shows the many talents of our local music industry.